2x Ferrari F430 VS Nissan Skyline GTR35 VS Porsche 911 in ISTANBUL

2x Ferrari F430 VS Nissan Skyline GTR35 VS Porsche 911 in ISTANBUL

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25 Responses to 2x Ferrari F430 VS Nissan Skyline GTR35 VS Porsche 911 in ISTANBUL

  1. BoraSed1907 says:

    @scaglietti34 ilerde belki denk geliriz corvett c6 ile gelirim

  2. 89LOG says:

    911 bunların ıcınde 1 gömlek ustun

  3. tw1s says:

    bence hem performans hem de yola hakimiyet bakımından en iyisi 911 turbo.
    ferrari tamamen prestij ve show arabası

  4. tracer1024 says:

    Lucky, lucky, lucky bastards!! ;-)

  5. 315269f says:

    bok var kesiciye sokuyosunuz ferrariyi..adam gibi vites atsan gtr dan kopacaksın

  6. Renan997turbo says:

    hahahahahahhaha always porscheeeeeee hahahahaha

  7. reefturkey says:

    Tune the GTR and those European exotics are history

  8. zibidikci says:

    yes you go and look at the nurburgring race tracks records.. there you will se GTR wtih the proper driver :) not like the carpenters in this clip :) i like ferraris, too. but you pay more than double price for the same performance..

  9. kay19833 says:

    @zibidikci yeah thats why the Porsche spanked the shit out of the ferrari that raped you gtr,just do the maths now. Porsche > cheap jap crap. respect to ferrari though.

  10. Renan997turbo says:

    there are no words to describe porsche hahahahh

  11. avalonslayer says:

    what is that song! its so amazing…

  12. SimpsonvilleRecords says:

    Its not a skyline !

  13. lentilsouper says:

    @scaglietti34 u mean GTR R35

  14. zibidikci says:

    skyline rules….

  15. steven4rmnewyork says:

    god damn that ferrari sound like donkey shit

  16. tenacity2283 says:

    I can only do this in xbox

  17. TheSimini says:

    what a bunch of douchebags

  18. svdpsy says:

    GTR are just plain amazing for the money, not to mention the power/weight mystery.

  19. FBselkaj says:

    dk. 2:27 süper be :D

  20. hierophantmy says:

    what is this music nice!!

  21. boujouj says:

    looooooooooove the porsche , yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thats my car

  22. scaglietti34 says:

    Hadımköy değil Şile yolu…Tabelada yazıyo…

  23. tifositess says:

    hadımköy civarı galiba

  24. sezzz007 says:

    don’t forget that the skyline is stock…

  25. 2sxc4u22 says:

    if i had the money for the f430 i would buy the skyline and spend the rest on the engine

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